Find Out How to Use Free McDonald's Coupons Using an App

Did you know you can secure free McDonald's coupons to make your visits even better? There are methods to get exclusive discounts at the franchise, letting you enjoy your favorite dishes while saving money. 


We'll guide you through obtaining these coupons via apps and loyalty programs. These strategies will help you relish McDonald's delights and save on your meals. Dive in and savor the savings!

What are McDonald's Free Coupons?

McDonald's free coupons offer discounts and benefits when shopping at their restaurants. They are useful to save money during your trips while enjoying your meals.


Some discounts they can offer you are:

  • Combo Discount: McDonald's coupons offer you a percentage discount or a reduced flat value when ordering a specific combo, which usually includes a burger, fries, and a drink.
  • 2×1 on products: A McDonald's 2×1 coupon allows you to get an additional product at no cost when purchasing another. For example, you can get a free burger when you order a burger of the same type.
  • Menu discount: Coupons that offer a discount on your total purchase when you order a menu or certain specific products.
  • Free add-on: Coupons that give you the chance to receive a free add-on, such as large fries or a large drink, when you order certain dishes.
  • Free Shipping: If you use home delivery services, some coupons may offer shipping at no additional cost.

By taking advantage of these free coupons during your travels, you will be able to enjoy delicious food without significantly impacting your budget, allowing you to savor the experience of traveling with delicious and affordable food in every destination you visit. 


How do they work?

McDonald's free coupons are easy to use. Check home delivery in your area, choose products, and apply the code or benefit at checkout.

Once the coupon is applied to the order, you can enjoy the discount or additional products at no cost, delivered comfortably to your place of accommodation or anywhere else you are during your trip.

Some can also be presented when placing your order at a participating location. Show the coupon at the counter to apply the discount or benefit.

How to Get Free McDonald's Coupons

To get free McDonald's coupons and enjoy discounts during your travels, here are some effective strategies:

McDonald's Delivery App

The chain often offers exclusive coupons and promotions through its delivery app, allowing you to access special deals while you're on the go.

Download the app from Android or iOS app stores. New users should sign up with their e-mail, while existing users can simply log in to access all features.

Inside the app, go to "Offers" or "Promotions" to find local coupons. Offers may vary by location and promotion. Choose and apply the coupons you want to your purchase.

Loyalty Programs

Sign up for McDonald's loyalty programs to receive coupons and promotions via email. Activate notifications in the app or subscribe to promotional emails to be aware of the latest offers. 

The first thing you need to do is join the program, which you can do from McDonald's official website or the official mobile app. Provide the required information, such as your name, email address, and phone number.

Be a frequent customer and earn points with every purchase. Points will give you rewards like free coupons or discounts on future purchases.

Promotional Websites

Visit official McDonald's websites and other online coupon platforms. These sites often offer printable coupons that you can present at participating restaurants for discounts or free products. 

  • Start your search on search engines with terms like “McDonald's free coupons” or “McDonald's promotional offers.”
  • Visit the official website directly and look for the promotions or coupons section.
  • Sign up for franchise newsletters and other websites related to offers and coupons.
  • Look for websites that specialize in collecting coupons and discounts from various brands, including codes for McDonald's.

Social networks

Follow the franchise's official accounts on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Sometimes they post exclusive deals and promotional codes that you can use on your orders.

Share your experiences or tag the brand in related posts. Sometimes McDonald's may respond with free coupons as a token of appreciation.

The company may launch contests or special promotions on its social networks, where you can win free coupons. Sometimes you can also promote special coupons and discounts using specific hashtags or tags

Special events

Be on the lookout for special promotional events or McDonald's advertising campaigns. During certain occasions, the chain often offers additional coupons and discounts to celebrate special events or launches.

Purchase Tickets

Check your purchase receipts, as they sometimes include coupons for future visits.

Visit the official website or mobile applications to check current promotions and campaigns. You may encounter offers that require you to enter the promotional code that appears on your purchase receipt to redeem the free coupons.

Tips to Make the Most of Your Free McDonald's Coupons

To make the most of your free McDonald's coupons during your travels, consider the following:

  • Plan your meals: Before leaving your accommodation, review the available coupons and decide which products you would like to try or which would give you the most benefits. Planning your meals in advance will help you make the most of the discounts and avoid overspending.
  • Look for participating restaurants: Make sure the restaurants you visit during your travels accept the coupons you have. Not all locations can participate in all promotions, so check the availability of benefits at each location.
  • Combine coupons with special offers: McDonald's sometimes offers additional promotions, such as combos with reduced prices. If possible, combine your free coupons with these special offers to get even more value for your money.
  • Be aware of validity dates: Always check the expiration date of your coupons. Make sure you use them before they expire, so you don't lose the benefits.
  • Share with friends or family: If you have extra coupons that you won't use, share them with your travel companions or other people who are with you. Sharing them will allow you to enjoy a shared experience and save even more.
  • Keep an eye out for new promotions: During your travels, keep checking the McDonald's app and other platforms for new promotions and coupons. You never know when a new promotion will be available.


Obtaining coupons for McDonald's is an effective and affordable strategy to save money while enjoying their products during your travels or other occasions. 

Using a McDonald's discount coupon is a smart way to maximize your budget and fully enjoy the gastronomic offerings of this restaurant chain. 

Always remember to check the validity date and conditions of each coupon before using it. Bon appétit!